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SAFE Maa Samburu diary

See the introductory story on the SAFE MAA project, and how song and theatre is bringing positive change to the Samburu.

Profile of Nick Reding, S.A.F.E.’s Founder, in the Financial Times, March 2014

In 2000, British actor Nick Reding was in Los Angeles when he was introduced to Kenyan paediatrician Shaffiq Essajee. At the time, he could not have known how much this meeting would change…

Clearing the road for Daniel Craig

Profile on S.A.F.E. Patron Daniel Craig in the Wall Street Journal, talking about our work and partnership with Jaguar Land Rover

An alternative to FGM/C – Sarah Tenoi

Sarah Tenoi write in the Guardian on why FGM/C is embedded in Kenya’s culture and how there are more humane rites of passage that the entire community can embrace

Blog for one.com from Trustee Chipo Chung

Growing up in Zimbabwe, AIDS was the silent killer. Countless adults simply dropped down dead and disappeared. For this reason, I got involved with S.A.F.E.’s projects in Kenya…

GQ article with Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig has just navigated four blocks of midtown Manhattan….