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Recognition of S.A.F.E.’s work

In 2012, S.A.F.E. received the 6th Annual Award for Excellence in HIV and AIDS Strategic Communication in Africa (Best Popular/Folk media category). The AfriComNet Annual Award for Excellence in HIV and AIDS communication was established in 2007 to recognise outstanding contributions made by individuals and organisations in strengthening and popularising strategic communication as a necessary tool for health and development.

In 2009, S.A.F.E. won the Stars Foundation Rising Star Award for excellence in the field of education for young people. This was awarded for achieving sustained positive change in the lives of young people and the STARS Foundation recognised S.A.F.E. for its holistic community approach and for its creativity and innovation. In 2010, S.A.F.E. was a runner-up for the main prize.

We featured in the Oscar-winning film The Constant Gardener and the ITV documentary Corrie Goes To Kenya.

In 2007, S.A.F.E. Founder and Executive Director Nick Reding was honoured at the Keep A Child Alive Black Ball, along with Bono and Dr. Pasquine Ogunsanya.

Awards won by Ndoto Za Elibidi (Dreams of Elibidi)

S.A.F.E.’s first feature film, Ndoto Za Elibidi (Dreams of Elibidi), has been widely acclaimed at a number of international film festivals:

Zanzibar International Film Festival 2010
Golden Dhow for Best East African Talent
Ousmane Sembene Award Commendation

Kenya International Film Festival, Nairobi 2010
Special Jury Prize ‘for speaking powerfully and critically across class, gender and national divides’

Festival of African Cinema, Verona 2011
Verona Award for Best African Film

Kalasha Film and Television Awards 2010
Best Feature Film
Best Editing
Best Supporting Actress

Kerala Film Festival 2011
Official Selection

Tarifa Film Festival 2011
Official Selection

Africa In The Picture Film Festival, Netherlands, 2012
Audience Selection: Best Feature Film

Awards won by Ni Sisi (It Is Us)

S.A.F.E.’s second feature film, Ni Sisi (It Is Us), was released in February 2013 and has already won awards at international film festivals:

Zanzibar International Film Festival 2013
Silver Dhow Award

Cines Del Sur 2014
Audience Award

New York African Film Festival 2014
Official Selection

Kalasha Film and TV Awards 2014
Best Sound Mixing

Africa Movie Academy Awards, Nigeria 2014
Madiba Award: Ni Sisi – Kenya
Achievement In Costume Design