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In Kenya, diarrhoea caused by poor drinking water is the third biggest cause of child deaths – an entirely treatable condition and easy to prevent.

Since December 2011, SAFE Pwani has been touring homesteads at the Coast to talk to people about how to make drinking water safe. We uses performances to educate rural communities about the necessity of clean drinking water and, at the end of each performance, the actors gave health talks on water treatment and distribute water treatment solutions to community members.

In the first year of the project we reached over 5,000 people with education about how to make drinking water safe and distributed nearly 600,000 sachets of PUR. Phase Two of this project ended in 2014, having reached the communities of Sagalato and Kiruku and new communities in the Kikoneni region with a free and consistent supply of PUR sachets. We also replicated the programme to reach a total of 75% of the population of Kikoneni. By August 2014, SAFE Pwani had distributed over 1.7 million sachets to 17,000 people. Significantly, there has been no cholera outbreak in the area since the project has started. An evaluation of the project found that over 76% of beneficiary families reported an improvement in their children’s health, including a significant reduction in stomach aches, diarrhoea and fevers. Over 94% of the community has recognised that untreated water causes diseases and over 98% will continue to use PUR sachets after the project ends. The number of cases of water borne diseases was reduced drastically: from 562 at our time of entry to just 89 upon project completion.

In 2015, our Water Project will:

Deliver clean drinking water in Mkongani, Coast Province: In August 2014, S.A.F.E.’s grant from P&G was reissued and in September 2014 we transferred the project from Kikoneni to Mkongani District, to begin a further 3 years of coordinated WASH work. Mkongani has a population of 23,027 people in 3386 households. Throughout 2015 and beyond, we will replicate the Kikoneni water programme in Mkongani and we are delighted to be working with P&G again on this project.