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A Wild Night Out – London

Chris Packham and Paul Goldstein met on a remote beach in South Georgia many years ago and have worked together countless times since, both at home and abroad. They are both opinionated, passionate, award-winning wildlife photographers, savagely critical of their own and each other’s work. Very occasionally though, they even agree with each other!

Come and enjoy a charity evening of spectacular images and lively debate, as the two do their best to entertain an audience of wildlife fans. Featuring recent galleries of their wildlife photography, the evening will focus on conservation – both the success stories and the failures that drive them wild.

Chris says: “What motivates Paul to a significant degree is anger – a valuable fuel, provided you convert it into creative conservation. The shambles that is contemporary tiger conservation particularly irks him. He has fearlessness, energy and determination and he is not afraid of speaking his educated mind.’

Paul says: “More often than not with wildlife documentaries I prefer a narrator, not some gushing presenter armed with little knowledge and a script. Chris is completely different, love him or hate him – and I know a little of Marmite – he knows his stuff and speaks eloquently and passionately about subjects that matter to him. He is never afraid of using the truth like a rapier, whatever the consequences. If only other so-called conservationists were as brave.”

The Telegraph describes Paul as a “raconteur, conservationist and photographer, he is the man to improve your camera skills. Be warned though: he is a human dynamo.”

The Guardian recently wrote of Chris: “His latest outburst was typical of a man who has never toed the line, whether as a conservationist, campaigner or BBC presenter.”

All proceeds from these events will go to support, S.A.F.E., Exodus’ charity partner. S.A.F.E. are a dynamic social change organisation that use traditional culture and performance in Maasai communities in Kenya to end the devastating practice of FGM/C (Female Genital Mutilation). This is a global issue which Exodus are serious about supporting. This is a chance to make a real difference to the Maasai and by joining with S.A.F.E. we will be taking huge steps towards ending FGM/C in these communities for good.

For more information and to book tickets, please visit the Exodus Travels Website.


  • Start Date:2017-11-14
  • End Date:2017-11-14
  • Start Time:19:30
  • End Time:11:30
  • Location:Kensington Conference and Events Centre