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GQ article with Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig has just navigated four blocks of midtown Manhattan....

Ni Sisi discussed in Life on Location

Debbie Lincoln on how Kenya is growing both in popularity as a film location, and as a source of great stories and some remarkably creative minds

Review of Ni Sisi and profile of S.A.F.E. by Mugambi Nthiga

A standing ovation for Ni Sisi, reminding Kenyans how powerful we can be...

The global response to FGC must start local

Maasai women S.A.F.E works with reject the term "genital mutilation" - and our experience shows how important it is to drive change from communities themselves...

Kenyan Elections 2013: the Battle for Peaceful Polls

On 4 March the first Kenyan general election will take place since the disputed 2007 elections which resulted in the violent death of over 1,300 people and the internal displacement...

Ni Sisi: It’s up to us to move Kenya away from electoral violence

Krysteen Savane, SAFE Ghetto's Project Manager and a producer and actress in the film Ni Sisi on art and theatre can send an anti-tribalism message around the country