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Our Impact

HIV/AIDS Programme

76% of audience members are more willing to use condoms after seeing a S.A.F.E. performance

Audience willingness to support people with HIV/AIDS increases to 59% afer seeing a performance or engaging with community programme

82% of audiences say they feel comfortable with and trust S.A.F.E. counsellors

91% of audience members are more likely to be tested for HIV after seeing a S.A.F.E. performance

After educational workshops, 67% of young people said that someone with HIV can live a full life if they are given treatment and love

Following performances, there was a 63% increase in young people’s understanding that HIV could be transmitted from mother to child

Water Programme

91% of those reached by the water programme experienced an improvement in their health and that of their family since treating water

The water programme has resulted in 80% of those reached reporting learning something new from S.A.F.E. about water safety

Female Genital Cutting Programme

80% of FGC workshop participants transitioned from believing that FGC was an integral part of being Maasai to believing that there are other viable ways of promoting a girl to womanhood

67% of men attending FGC workshops said they would encourage their sons to marry uncut girls

In 2014, SAFE Maa ran 18 health clubs in primary and secondary schools in Loita in order to talk to young people about FGC, educate them about its consequences, and promote positive attitudes towards abandonment amongst the youth

In 2014, they also completed a tour of Loita that addressed FGC abandonment and reached a total audience of 3,650 people.

Peace Programme

Over 90% of peace play audiences say the play has had a positive influence on their communities

After watching the peace play, over 70% of respondents stated that an individual can make a difference in the quest to maintain peace

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