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SAFE Moran

SAFE Moran are a group of young Maasai warriors, each member of the group is committed to ending FGM/C, believing that it is their duty to help women and girls by persuading the community to end this practice.

The power of the Morans performance lies in their position and status in the community. Morans are the guardians of the culture, and their voice against FGM/C helps the community accept ending it, without worrying they are betraying their culture. As the future husbands of girls of cutting age, when the Morans show a willingness to marry uncut girls, it also eases the minds of parents who believe the only way their daughter can get married is if she is cut.

The Morans have been performing in Loita and in October 2017, took their message to other Maasai communities in the Maasai Mara. They plan to visit communities further afield to inspire other Morans to become agents of change.