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Celina Letur

Outreach Officer

Celina Letur was a health worker at Ng’utuk Ong’iron dispensary before she got an opportunity to join the SAFE Samburu Project. She is a mother of two children and having worked as a health worker realized that many people are suffering from HIV/AIDS and others suffer from complications during childbirth caused by FGM/C. She feels that SAFE Samburu is the best initiative to save them from such problems. As a child she was a herder for a while until she was injured in a bomb blast in Losesia, the British Army training range. She was badly injured, but a doctor advised her father that she should join school. Unfortunately she underwent FGM/C in class two which meant that that she was considered a grown up, was married, got pregnant and dropped out. She has always wished that she could have gone through school because she feels her life would have been better. Through SAFE Samburu she feels she will now bring change for girls by inspiring future generations.