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SAFE Maa are based in the Loita Hills, a remote and rural Maasai community in south-west Kenya with a population of 35-40,000. It has no roads or communication infrastructure. Its inaccessibility has allowed the community to live in relative isolation, limiting the spread of new ideas and attitudes. SAFE Maa work in three main areas: HIV/AIDS, FGM/C and the Environment.

SAFE Maa have been in operation since 2006 and have built up a reputation for excellence. They are known for their unique ability to maintain and promote the Maasai culture, whilst bringing about social change. Under the leadership of project managers Amos Leuka and Sarah Tenoi, SAFE Maa have become a household name in the region and its members held in high esteem.

In May 2017, sponsored by the J.A.C. Trust, SAFE Maa undertook an external evaluation of their FGM/C programme. The team were very encouraged by the findings, to read the full report, please click here.

Amos Leuka

Project Manager

Sarah Tenoi

Project Manager

Christine Koyie

Assistant Project Officer

David Shakai

Senior Outreach Officer and Pe...

Kencha Sinag’au

Outreach Officer and Performer

Shashon Oloibelo

Outreach Officer and Performer

Naserian Simpano

Senior Outreach Officer and Pe...

Everlyne Siloma

Performer and Singer

Everlyn Shuma


Sarah Koin

Outreach Officer and Performer...

Christine Nagabual


Nalang'u Nkiton


Purity Murkuk


Dickson Leuka

Performer and Security Guard

Wilson Nankiria

Head of Security and Cook

Saitoti Tupet

Security Guard

To find out more information about SAFE Maa’s projects, please visit the following pages:

Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting

Environment and Climate Change Resilience