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Why It Works

We always perform and deliver.

We only ever perform our creative work when we can also deliver services to the community that enable people to take action. After every performance, S.A.F.E. actors come offstage and immediately deliver workshops and services. The bond created between our actors and their audience provides a bridge between watching a play and moving forward.


We’re mobile.

S.A.F.E. always goes into the community, and we always perform and deliver in the community’s space. We take our work and peformances to some of the most isolated and under-served communities that often have no other access to information about HIV or public health, drawing audiences of between 300-2,000.


We always deliver quality theatre.

Artistic excellence is crucial to what we do. When audiences are immersed they forget themselves, they create relationships with the characters, they believe in the messages we share, and they have clarity over the solutions available to them. Good theatre can provide people with the space to be able to re-think their behaviours and assumptions, and to then take action.


We are from the community.

Every member of the S.A.F.E. team comes from the specific regions in which we work. That means they understand the nuances of the issues faced, and they have the trust and permission of the community to talk about change. Our teams serve as familiar and trustworthy bridges between the community and otherwise distant health professionals.


We adapt to each new audience.

Our theatre is always devised; we collect a myriad of stories from the community, and develop characters and stories that are rooted in real life experiences. If we want people to believe our message and take action, they have to see a mirror of their lives onstage.


We have an honest approach.

We are always honest about the change we can spark. We don’t work on structural issues such as unemployment where we can’t take responsibility for the solution. We work on issues where we, or the community, can provide the next steps. And we never, ever, create demand for change where it can’t be serviced.