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Ndoto Za Elibidi (Dreams of Elibidi)

Ndoto Za Elibidi, S.A.F.E.’s first full-length feature, is many things at once: a stage play turned into a feature film, a documentary and a testimony on the impact of the plays message. It was devised originally as a stage play with actors from the Nairobi slums. The story pivots around the theme of acceptance and love as its colourful protagonists – parents, four daughters and their lovers – come to terms with HIV and ghetto life. Cutting back and forth from fiction to documentary, from the original stage play to the actual locations, it takes us on two parallel journeys: we watch the film, but we are also watching it through the eyes of the ghetto audience as they watch the play tell the story of their lives. This extraordinary position gives us a double pay off.

The play was performed for over five years throughout the Nairobi slums, reaching over half a million people. The film version was made after repeated requests from partnering schools and clinics for a DVD version of the performance.


Zanzibar International Film Festival 2010
Golden Dhow for Best East African Talent
Ousmane Sembene Award Commendation

Kenya International Film Festival, Nairobi 2010
Special Jury Prize ‘for speaking powerfully and critically across class, gender and national divides’

Festival of African Cinema, Verona 2011
Verona Award for Best African Film

Kalasha Film and Television Awards 2010
Best Feature Film
Best Editing
Best Supporting Actress

Kerala Film Festival 2011
Official Selection

Tarifa Film Festival 2011
Official Selection

Africa In The Picture Film Festival, Netherlands, 2012
Audience Selection: Best Feature Film


Produced and Directed by Nick Reding and Kamau Wa Ndung’u


Ednah Daisy

Sharleen Njeri

Godfrey Ojiambo

Krysteen Savane

Mercy Wanjiru

Ummul Rajab

Jacquey Nyaminde

Joseph Wairimu ‘Babu’

Paul Njogu ‘Kadez’


Partner: Keep a Child Alive