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Trustees and Patrons

Daniel Craig


Sir Ian Holm


Lily Cole


Eric Wainaina



Lily Cole, Actress, Activist and Model

Daniel Craig, Actor

Sir Ian Holm, Actor

Eric Wainaina, Singer-songwriter

Trustees (Kenya)

Wanuri Kahiu, Writer and Director (Chair)

Sheba Hirst, Producer and Presenter

Maggie Hobbs, Tambuzi Flower Farm

Beatrice Karanja, NGO Professional

Sonali Shah, NGO Professional

Sofia Rajab-Leteipan, Human Rights Lawyer

Enock Monari, Accountant & Auditor

Trustees (UK)

Clare Groom, Futures Trader

Dr Michael Brady, Sexual Health Expert

Sarah Kennedy, NGO Head of Operations (Chair)

Jonathan Kent, Theatre Director

Angelina Namiba, HIV Activist

Tracey Seaward, Film Producer

Prof Katrina Brown, Professor at The University of Exeter

Alan Rickman was a founding trustee of S.A.F.E., and later became an active patron.  Alan’s passion for social justice and the power of the arts to transform lives was unrivalled; when he visited us here in Kenya in 2004 he inspired the young Kenyan actors with his enthusiasm and commitment to the causes that they were battling, and his clear devotion for the use of performance to solve their community’s problems.

“In 2004, I visited one of S.A.F.E.‘s tours. At the beginning of any given show, up to 2,000 people know little or nothing about AIDS except what mystery, rumour and prejudice tells them. An hour later, they go back to their villages knowing everything through stories they can identify with and thousands of lives will be saved. This work deserves and demands support.” – Alan Rickman, S.A.F.E.